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You can do your part by signing the petition which asks the UN to investigate the Sikh Genocide. We will only know the truth once an independent, impartial investigation is done.

Sikh Social and Political headquarters! Sri Akal Takht Sahib is the primary seat of Sikh religious authority and central altar for Sikh political assembly.

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Darbar Sahib Info.

Vast information on the “Visible holy place of Invisible Waheguru” gives visitors important information. Take a look at it before visit..

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Sikh Discussion Forum

Youth Generation is our caretaker. SikhSangat Forum runs by the youth for the past decade. Sangat can discuss and get peer support from other members.

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Learn About Sikhism

Word Sikh comes from the Sanskrit word Shishya, which means a devoted follower or a disciple. gives details info on Sikh history & religion.

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Takht Sahib Archives

Pending ! Coming Soon…

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